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Effluent Treatment Plants

Our firm is engaged in offering Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) to the respectable customers. Water, which is contaminated by Anthropogenic and Industrial/Commercial activities is treated by the offered range utilising effective mechanisms, physio-chemical & biological treatments, solid-liquid separation and number of other processes. This range is acclaimed for its low power consumption and rapid installation.

Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants

We are able to offer Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants. The offered range is widely appreciated for its ultramodern water treatment techniques. Manufactured using premium grade raw material and latest techniques, the offered range is available in number of designs, sizes and grades to meet the preferences of clients accordingly.

  • Based on Green Technology Concept
  • Minimum Discharge.
  • Low power consumption
  • Sludge removal once in two years.
  • Pre- Engineered & Pre- Fabricated Plant.
  • No odour problem.
  • Negligible Operating Cost.


Our packaged sewage treatment plant can be widely used in the following place.

  • Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals.
  • Residential areas, village, town.
  • Stations, airports, port terminals and ship.
  • Factories, mines, military, tourist, scenic.
  • All kinds of industrial wastewater similar with domestic sewage
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Effluent Treatment Plant - Electroplating Industry

Effluent Treatment Plant For Electroplating Industry:- Biotic’s expertise in manufacturing an advanced range of effluent treatment plant for application in electroplating industry. This industry has been primarily categorized as a pollutant industry, due to presence of highly toxic contents such as chrome, cyanide, zinc etc. Our effluent treatment plants are specially designed to recover many precious metals such as chrome from the effluent. This not only helps in controlling the pollution but also recycled the water in different ways like horticulture, toilet flushing etc.

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Effluent Treatment Plant - Textile Dyeing Industry

Textile Dyeing Industrial Wastewater Treatment


SGEPL developed sewage technology and with matching equipments which can make up SBR's many shortcoming in the base of Sequencing Batch Reactor Activated Sludge Process; which can widely used in all kinds of sewage treatment plant 's construction. The principle of integrated sewage treatment equipment is in a manner which organic combine Activated sludge microorganism method and biomembrane process, proceeding the sewage biochemical treatment. In processing technology, a mass of microorganism grow in the fixed and floating biological carrier form into biomembrane, Impact flipping in the sewage with brume, proceeding update of bacterium and Biofilm ,using biological carrier in aeration , improve the contact efficiency of microorganism with the pollutant in the sewage. The whole treatment equipment generated take turn role of three types environment anaerobic-anoxia-aerobic ,enhance the purification ability of different kinds of microbial population to sewage, intensify the effect of remove the organism in sewage and N and P removal.

Basic principle:

Adopting the Pool body materials which is made of high and new technology, made the whole set of sewage treatment equipment reach advanced technology,Reasonable configuration,excellent performance,well Corrosion resistance,maintenance convenient ,nice outlook effect. The pool body material adopt antiseptic form Prefabricated steel plate , Special sealing material leakage-proof, This kind of prefabricated steel plate form protective layer not only prevent Tank corrosion but also with the function of resist strong acid and alkaline. Short construction period; strong corrosion resistance; make the sewage treatment plant extension realize few investment and fast go into operation.

Technological process:
  • Regulating reservoir
  • floatation subside tank
  • anaerobic pool
  • Biological aerobic pool
  • secondary sedimentation tank
  • filter
  • Water reuse pool.
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